Repeater Systems and Equipment

Pacific Research designs, builds, and installs complete repeater systems. We have designed and built systems ranging from a single repeater system for amateur clubs to completely independent multiple linked sites with multiple bands at each site for emergency management backup. The systems arrive at your location fully programmed and ready to install making a truly plug and play repeater system. We test all of the equipment in our facility to ensure only the highest quality in products and compatibility. We send fully trained professionals to the site for the highest quality installation. With over 20 years experience in building repeater systems in every RF environment you can be assured the best possible results.

Pacific Research can supply complete repeater systems as well as all components needed to build a repeater system. For additional information on our repeater controllers see Repeater & Linking Controllers, Tone Panels and Telephone Interconnects.

Repeaters Kenwood TKR-750/TKR-850 Commercial Grade Repeaters
Duplexers High Quality UHF and VHF Duplexers
Antennas Comtelco Base Station Antennas
Accessories Accessories for repeater sites