Pacific Research has designed and developed custom repeater controllers since 1982. In 1995, we introduced the RI-200, the first in a line of standard repeater controllers. Due to the success of this controller, we have continued the development of a complete line of repeater controllers, tone panels and telephone interconnects for amateur and commercial radio. Pacific Research repeater controllers are not just another repeater controller. Unlike many other repeater controllers, our controllers come fully equipped with:

  • CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) and DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) tone panels
  • On board squelch, SmartSquelch TM
  • Full duplex telephone interconnect
  • Remote audio level control
  • Full audio processing
  • Auxiliary expansion port

All of these features are integrated together to produce a controller like no other. Our controllers include many other user programmable features, which allow you to completely customize the controller for your application. Hang time, time out timer, courtesy tones and CW ID intervals are all programmable. Our controllers also include a user and macro command editor. You can create and assign a 1 to 5 digit name for your own custom user commands. These controllers come preprogrammed from the factory with user commands to quickly get you started.
We currently produce three series of controllers. The RI-1 which is a low cost simple controller for application that require station ID, Timers, Courtesy Tones and Custom User Commands.  Second, the RI-200 series, which is a basic repeater controller with all of the necessary features to build a superior repeater. Third, the RI-300 series, which has many enhancements over the RI-200. These include speech, dual programmable tone encoder, eight channel audio buss along with many other enhanced features. Within these series of controllers, we also produce various port add on modules.
There are so many features to our controller, that you may find it easier to download the DEMO version of the programming software to get a visual of the features.



RI-1 Repeater Controller and Port Expansion

RI-200 Repeater Controller, Telephone Interface and Tone Panel

RI-300e Repeater and Linking Controller, Telephone Interface and Tone Panel

Port Expansion

PE-1 Single Port Expansion for RI-300 that can operate completely independent from the RI-300.

PE-3 Three Port Expansion card for RI-300 and RI-310 (Obsolete)


AD-3 Audio Delay, used on RI-300

DVR-240 / DVR-480 Digital Voice Recorder, used on RI-300

PK-3 Programming Kit for the RI-300, RI-310, RI-1, and PE-1.


Feature Comparison RI-2xx and RI-3xx
System Command List RI-300 and RI-310
Programming Software Demo RI-300 and RI-310

Discontinued Products

RI-210 Vertex Repeater Controller, Telephone Interface and Tone Panel
RI-310e Vertex Repeater and Linking Controller, Telephone Interface and Tone Panel

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