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The following manuals in Adobe Acrobat Reader format, Version 3.0 or higher.

These are the actual user manuals for the noted products. This manual contains information proprietary to Pacific Research. All information is provided solely for the operation and maintenance of the equipment described. This manual is not to be used for any other purpose without written authorization.

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523KB, 07/02/98
Version 2.02, RI-200 and RI-210 Repeater Controller User Manual
1,434KB, 03/02/02
Version 2.11, RI-300 and RI-310 Repeater Controller User Manual
1,434KB, 03/02/02
Version 3.11, RI-300e and RI-310e Repeater Controller User Manual
1,180KB, 11/07/05
Version 1.02, RI-1 and PE-1 Repeater Controller User Manual
236KB, 07/19/02
PE-3 Port Expansion User Manual
382KB, 05/20/97
PET-820 Remote Monitor User Manual
143KB, 05/20/97
TDSM-200 TDS Monitor User Manual