Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Why is the COS light always on?
Why is the system light out?
I lost my system command password?
How do I know what version of the Repeater Controller I have?
How do I upgrade my Repeater Controller?
When I unkey I hear a long squelch tail?
The Repeater Controller cuts off my first word?
How do I change my PL?
Why are the LEDs flashing?
What type of Repeater can I use?
Will the Repeater Controller work for Amateur radio?
What type of microphone do I plug into the front of the Repeater Controller?

Programming Software Questions

I can’t talk to the Repeater Controller with the programming software?
How do I upgrade my programming software?
Do I need programming software to program the Repeater Controller?

Linking Questions

How do I link two repeaters together?
How do I connect my controller to echolink or IRLP?