PS-3 Update

Programming Software Update Version 4.01 and Firmware Update

What’s New

  • Version 4.01, Fixed problems with scheduler and conditional statements.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Added support for RI-1, PE-1, and PE-3.
  • Accommodation for multiple types of repeater controllers with a single programming interface.
  • This update includes controller firmware updated version 2.13 for the RI-3X0, version 3.13 for the RI-3X0e, version 1.02 for the PE-1, and version 1.02 for the RI-1.

Install Instruction

The installion is simple, just download the setup.exe file, run the file and follow the instructions.


This is a version update file only. You MUST install this update in the same directory as your licensed copy or it will not work. Do not delete your licensed copy when installing this update.

Before sending data to your repeater controller you must open an existing or create a new file. When creating a new file, there are multiple file types available, choose the corresponding file type for the corresponding repeater controller.

RI-1 and PE-1 Owners

For those of you that have an RI-1 or PE-1, you must first flash your controller before sending and getting data from your controller. Failure to update firmware will cause errors in the programming software.

Known Limitations

The following items are not currently functional at this time. These items will be available in future software versions.

  • PE-1 and RI-1 Macro Source decoder.
  • Print feature for the PE-1 and RI-1.
  • Help files for the PE-1 and RI-1.

If you find any problems please contact us by email at

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