RI-3X0, RI-1, and PE-1 Firmware Update

RI-3X0 Version 3.13 and Version 2.13

  • Fixes Generic Data COS Polarity
  • Add DVR Error Detection
  • Fixes Programming Software Cmd Acknowledgement
  • Fixes S Cmd 19, 42, 43, and 65
  • Fixes Master Encode Mode

RI-1 and PE-1 Version 1.02

  • Fixes Send Data Function

RI-1 and PE-1 Owners

For those of you that have version 1.01 of the RI-1 or PE-1, you must first flash your controller to version 1.02 before sending and getting data from your controller. Failure to update firmware will cause errors in the programming software.

Install Instruction

Download firmware.exe file, execute the file to un-zip the contained files to your PS-3 Programming Software directory. You may be asked if you want to replace a file, answer “Yes”. Use your PS-3 Programming software to upload the firmware (Flash Program) to your controller.

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